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September 2017, Business Fleet - Cover Story

Hands-Free or Total Ban? Small Fleets Address Distracted Driving

In texting shorthand, SMH means “shaking my head” or even “stupid-minded humans.” In a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)campaign against distracted driving, “SMH” was the last text sent by a teen driver who died in a car accident caused by her texting and driving. Photo via

By Amy Winter-Hercher

These small fleet operators share how they form and manage distracted driving policies that balance safety with productivity and real-world considerations.

Tags: Driver Safety, Cell Phone Use, Distracted Driving, NHTSA, Texting While Driving

September 2017, Business Fleet - Department

The Problem With Valuing Safety Technology

By Chris Brown

As advanced safety technologies have migrated to mainstream vehicles, retaining value for these options at resale remains an issue.

Tags: Driver Safety, Vincentric, Total Cost of Ownership

March 2017, Business Fleet - Cover Story

How Small Fleets Manage Recalls

Photo courtesy of International Franchise Systems

By Chris Brown

Auto manufacturers, dealers, and fleet operators weigh in on ways to hone the recall repair process.

Tags: Maintenance, Fleet Management, Driver Safety, Vehicle Manufacturing, Recalls, Dealers

March 2017, Business Fleet - Feature

Defining the Small Fleet Manager

Photo courtesy of Tuff Turf Molebusters

By Amy Winter-Hercher

Business Fleet conducted a survey and talked to several small service and vocational fleets to learn more about how they handle in-house fleet duties — and whether they outsource particular duties to a third party.

Tags: Maintenance, Telematics, Fleet Management, Driver Safety, Fleet Manager, Procurement

March 2017, Business Fleet - Department

Items to Keep Fleet Drivers Safe on the Road

Photo courtesy of LifeSaver

By Staff

These products help fleet drivers stay focused while on the road, offer vehicle security, and provide better visibility in extreme weather conditions.

Tags: Driver Safety, Distracted Driving, Vehicle Security, LED Lighting, Wiper Blades

January 2017, Business Fleet - Department

Tools to Keep Drivers, Equipment Safe in Winter

Photo courtesy of Enzo's Cleaning Solutions

By Staff

These accessories can help protect drivers — and their tools — in icy and snowy conditions this winter season.

Tags: Driver Safety, Winter Driving, Heated Storage, Car Charger

November 2016, Business Fleet - WebXclusive

Training Fleet Drivers to Safely Navigate Bike-Friendly Cities

Photo courtesy of AdobeStock

By Amy Winter-Hercher

Does your fleet’s driver safety program include information on how to safely share the road with bicyclists? Many fleet safety programs don’t, according to Arbella Insurance.

Tags: Driver Safety, Driver Safety Tips, Bicycles, Fleet Safety Program

October 2016, Business Fleet - WebXclusive

In-Vehicle Camera Captures Unsafe Driving, Accidents

Conico Oil uses SmartDrive's in-vehicle video-based safety systems in each of its 27 fleet trucks. Photo courtesy of Conico Oil.

By Amy Winter-Hercher

By reviewing videos of its drivers while in the cab, this truck fleet has been able to correct high-risk driving occurrences such as hard braking and speeding — as well as eliminate culpability from false driving incident accusations.

Tags: Driver Safety, Truck Fleet, SmartDrive Systems, In-Vehicle Video

July 2016, Business Fleet - Department

Ramifications of a 67 MPH Top Speed

Using Derive’s technology, Loring White, CEO of CBE Inc., was able to set the maximum speed limit on each van to 67 miles per hour. Photo courtesy of CBE.

By Amy Winter-Hercher

This cross-country service fleet uses engine calibration technology to control each van’s top speed — improving driver safety and fuel usage.

Tags: Cargo Vans, Driver Safety, Idling, Speed Limits, Service Fleets, Derive

May 2016, Business Fleet - Cover Story

Vans Add Next-Gen Safety Technology

While electronic stability control (ESC) is now standard on all vehicles, commercial vehicles take the technology one step further. Built on a foundation of anti-lock brakes and traction control with independent control at each wheel, the Ram ProMaster City’s ESC system leverages a suite of active handling technologies — including adjusting to the weight of the load and offering greater control on uneven surfaces.Photo courtesy of Ram.

By Tariq Kamal

In the light-duty van market, safety has become a priority for fleet buyers and manufacturers.

Tags: Driver Safety, Active Safety Systems, Seat Belts, Electronic Stability Control, Air Bags, Backup Cameras

May 2016, Business Fleet - Feature

’Gamification’ Helps Fleet Focus on Driver Safety

Michael Crafton stands in front of one of his company's Nissan NV cargo vans. Photo courtesy of Team 360.

By Amy Winter-Hercher

This growing service fleet promotes driver safety through a connected car platform that tracks each driver’s behind-the-wheel habits — and scores them.

Tags: Maintenance, Driver Safety, Connected Vehicle Technology, Service Fleets, Zubie

January 2016, Business Fleet - Cover Story

Advanced Safety for the Masses

In January, Ford conducted winter-weather autonomous driving tests with a specially equipped mid-size Fusion sedan. For the 2016-MY, Ford added the SE Driver Assist package, a suite of active safety features, specifically for fleet customers. The move was based on feedback from its advisory board members, according to Fritz Ahadi, general manager, Commercial and Government Sales Operations at Ford Motor Co. Photo courtesy of Ford.

By Tariq Kamal

Once limited to highline vehicles, collision-avoidance technology and other advanced safety systems have reached mass-market status and are available to fleets.

Tags: Driver Safety, Active Safety Systems, Lane Departure Warning, Collision Avoidance Technology, Blind Spot Monitor, Adaptive Cruise Control

November 2015, Business Fleet - Cover Story

Driver Safety 101: Braking, Steering and Scanning the Road

At a recent NAFA fleet management association meeting for the Pacific Southwest Chapter, Phil Moser and the ADTS team demonstrated three safe driving courses that covered backing up and driving around cones, steering around an obstacle and threshold braking. Each attendee had a chance to practice his or her driving skills on the courses.

By Amy Winter-Hercher

A former police officer and crash reconstruction specialist shares his top driving tips to help fleets maintain safer driving techniques — hopefully leading to fewer collisions on the road.

Tags: Driver Safety, Backup Cameras, Steering, Scanning, Advanced Driver Training Services

July 2015, Business Fleet - Cover Story

How Telematics Can Improve Fleet Safety

Jim Aleson of Vivint Solar uses his Telogis telematics system to promote safety by setting up his operations managers to receive alerts when drivers exceed 10 miles over the speed limit or brake hard. Driver coaching is a consequence. Speeding and idling are on the decline, he says.

By Tariq Kamal

Fleet managers are using telematics to promote safe driving by recording speed, harsh acceleration and harsh braking incidents, and then using the data to coach drivers.

Tags: Telematics, Safety, Driver Safety, Maintenance

March 2015, Business Fleet - Feature

Developing Budget-Friendly Driver Safety Programs

Wheelz Up, a Washington-D.C.-based auto parts delivery service, holds a safety meeting with some of its fleet drivers. Photo courtesy of Wheelz Up.

By Amy Winter

From driver training and safety meetings to one-on-one coaching and incentive programs, several small fleets share how they have developed a safety culture with their drivers - using low- to no-cost resources.

Tags: Driver Safety, Inspections, Incentive Programs, NETS, Safety

September 2013, Business Fleet - Feature

What To Do (And Not To Do) After a Highway Breakdown

By Volvo Cars North America

Depending on the setting, there are different ways to handle the aftermath of a vehicle breakdown.

Tags: Driver Safety, National Safety Council, vehicle breakdown

October 2014, Business Fleet - WebXclusive

In-Vehicle Camera Improves Fleet’s Driver Safety, Fuel Usage

Goggin Warehousing uses in-vehicle video-based safety systems in each of its 80 fleet trucks.

By Amy Winter

By monitoring its drivers in the cab, this truck fleet saw a decrease in high-risk driving occurrences and improved fuel economy — as well as exoneration from driving incident accusations.

Tags: SmartDrive Systems, Driver Safety, In-Vehicle Video

July 2014, Business Fleet - Cover Story

How to Use Telematics to Increase Productivity

Gary McCollum of ServiceOne used his company's system to recover a stolen van in less than 25 minutes.

By Chris Brown

Five fleets weigh in on how they use GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, electronic communication and vehicle and driver data to automate tasks and improve performance.

Tags: Telematics, Fleet Productivity, Fleet Management, GPS, Vehicle Diagnostics, Driver Safety

March 2013, Business Fleet - Cover Story

Best Practices in Driver Hiring

In addition to MVR and background checks, Sure-Fire Inc., a heating and air conditioning contractor, subjects all drivers to approval from its insurance carrier.

By Joanne Tucker

When putting employees behind the wheel of your company assets, it’s important to know that you’re handing the keys to a safe driver.

Tags: Driver Safety, Driver Training, Compliance, Fleet Policies, Commercial Driver's License, Hiring, commercial motor vehicles, New Hire

September 2012, Business Fleet - Feature

10 Steps to Building a Safe Fleet

photo: ©

By Chris Wolski

Ask any fleet about safety and it will undoubtedly top the priority list. Here are 10 steps to creating a safety culture.

Tags: Driver Safety, Accident Management, Safety, Fleet Safety Program, driver screening, Driver Training, Driver Behavior

September 2007, Business Fleet - Feature

Confessions of a Road Warrior

By Chris Brown

The day-to-day challenges of fleet driving often clash with what the safety videos say. Is there a way to get business done and be safe at the same time?

Tags: Driver Safety, Distracted Driving, Safety

July 2007, Business Fleet - Feature

The Boomer Driving Dilemma

By Chris Brown

Retirement-age baby boomers are staying in the workforce in droves. Are you prepared to keep them in your fleet?

Tags: Driver Safety


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