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Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

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Learn the latest on fleet vehicle maintenance from our news entries and articles. We offer product updates, maintenance cost stories, and company profiles.
Useful Articles
Must-Have Car Gadget Gifts
Looking for holiday gift ideas? Here are four tools/gadgets that could be the perfect gift for fleet managers, drivers and car lovers.
10 Ways to Maximize Fuel Efficiency in Older Trucks
An aftermarket upgrade expert recommends modifications that make your trucks more fuel-efficient to keep them on the road longer.
How to Keep Higher-Mileage Vehicles in Service
These fleet managers regularly run their fleet to more than 200,000 miles using fanatical preventive maintenance, preemptive parts replacement, driver accountability and corporate pride.
Cabovers Gain Popularity in Medium-Duty Trucks
When deciding between a cabover engine truck or a conventional truck, fleets are seeing some advantage to the cabover, but still lean toward the conventional truck.
In-House Versus Outsourced Maintenance
From in-house maintenance to mobile maintenance, from national service brands to outsourced plans, small fleet operators must consider a long list of factors to decide what's best for them.
Fast Fuel Diesel Fuel Treatment
Prolong Super Lubricants' Fast Fuel concentrated commercial grade diesel fuel treatment improves the fuel economy and performance of heavy duty diesel work trucks and commercial vans. View more info
Research and Best Practices
How to Control Repair Costs, Reduce Vehicle Downtime and Streamline Your Maintenance Process
A well-maintained fleet is an efficient, productive fleet – but it doesn’t maintain itself. This eBook offers practical ideas and techniques for lowering repair costs, reducing vehicle downtime, and keeping your fleet in top operating condition.

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