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IBM Watson Will Revolutionize Health Care: Can It Be Integrated into Fleet Processes?

January 2, 2018
At a fundamental level, the fleet management industry is an aggregator of data upon which it executes actions designed to optimize vehicle asset lifecycle –...

Discrimination Against Vocational Vehicles

December 22, 2017
Can a branded vocational vehicle be ticketed for being parked in an employee driver’s home driveway? Or, can it be subject to a fine if legally parked...

Next-Gen Employees Attach Less Importance to Face-to-Face Meetings

December 18, 2017
The value of face-to-face meetings is beginning to be questioned by younger generation employees who have only known a world interconnected by the internet,...

Don't Underutilize the Expertise of Your Suppliers

December 12, 2017
For many managers responsible for vehicle operations, fleet management is often one of several job responsibilities. These managers acknowledge that it is...

The Future of Fleet Is Managing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

November 27, 2017
In the next decade, the term "fleet management" will soon become inadequate to fully define the scope of our industry and it will be viewed as an...

Fleet Will Need to Reinvent Itself as a New Vision of Fleet Management Emerges

November 14, 2017
Over the past several decades, the purchasing managers of yesteryear reinvented themselves into procurement professionals whose function is now viewed as a...

Deciphering the DNA of Award-Winning Fleet Professionals

October 31, 2017
During my tenure in fleet, I have had the privilege of meeting all 32 fleet manager who won the AF Fleet Manager of the Year Award and the 12 executives who...

Fuel Card Fraud Is on the Increase
Fuel Card Fraud Is on the Increase

October 31, 2017
Since 2016, there has been an ongoing uptick in fuel card fraud. In light of this, it is important for companies to develop a fraud prevention strategy...

Growth of Crossovers & Compact SUVs in Fleet Is a Global Phenomenon

October 6, 2017
Crossover utility vehicles and compact SUVs represent the fastest growing segments in the global automotive industry in every region of the world, impacting...

Chevrolet Colorado Showed Fastest Truck Order-to-Delivery for 2017
Chevrolet Colorado Showed Fastest Truck Order-to-Delivery for 2017

October 3, 2017
The Chevrolet Colorado truck logged the fastest order-to-delivery (OTD) time among trucks in the 2017 model-year, averaging 64 days, a 17-day improvement...


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