CustomWeather, a supplier of syndicated weather data, announced on Oct. 1 that it has partnered with InfoMove to enable wireless carriers, automobile companies and major hardware and software providers to safely deliver personalized weather to end-users while in their vehicles. "Location-aware weather is one of the key services that telematics can offer drivers," said Peter Holland, CEO of InfoMove. "CustomWeather's geo-coding and XML formatting was key to implementation, and their forecasts, which are at a level that is much more granular that other sources, enables us to offer accurate weather information for any location." "We're very excited to be working with companies such as InfoMove, who are paving the way for advanced telematics services," said Geoff Flint, CEO of CustomWeather. "As this industry grows, our commitment to following leading technology trends has uniquely positioned us as the only supplier of weather data that is prepared to support the requirements for truly effective location-based weather services." CustomWeather's forecasts are currently being demonstrated as part of InfoMove's START program. InfoMove is conducting trials worldwide with automotive OEMs, telematics service providers, wireless carriers, and device manufacturers. About CustomWeather, Inc. CustomWeather, headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., offers syndicated custom weather content, services and applications that are designed to be fully integrated and private-labeled. CustomWeather's geo-coded data feeds are supplied via FTP in formats such as XML, WML, HDML and ASCII. CustomWeather generates more than 58,000 unique forecasts worldwide, providing global location-based coverage at both the US and international levels. For more information, visit About InfoMove InfoMove provides software and services designed to enable wireless carriers, automobile companies, and major hardware and software providers to safely deliver personalized information to end-users while in the vehicle. InfoMove was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Seattle. It has strategic relationships with content providers, automotive manufacturers, technology developers and device manufacturers such as ComROAD, Microsoft, NTT-X, Casio, Yazaki, ALLDATA, PACCAR, and Tele Atlas. For more information, visit