Roka, Inc., a distributor of personal security and safety devices, on Oct. 1 announced the release of two new patented products. The devices provide the owner with direct two-way, hands-free communication to trained Command Center operators, should the owner find themselves in an emergency situation. The Personal Safeguard Companion (PSC) is a hand-held device that can be carried similar to a cell phone or pager. The other security device, CVL, is installed in a vehicle or motorcycle and has a remote key fob that can activate the alarm. Should a dangerous situation arise, owners simply press the "mayday" button. Once the system has been activated, even if the owner is being attacked, assaulted, or has a healthcare emergency and cannot speak, the operator will immediately dispatch emergency units to the exact location. Using Global Positioning Satellites technology, ACM U.L. Monitoring Station's Global Link Command Center operators will know exactly where owners are with military precision, according to Roka. The operator will also have two-way communication with the owner and stay on line with you until help arrives. "You won't ever have to be entirely alone again," said Maria Malice, vice president of Roka, Inc. "This is absolutely the best use of technology I've seen in a long time, Malice said. "The portable unit is perfect for keeping many individuals safe and secure such as sales representatives, real estate agents, anyone who travels, joggers, hikers, campers, college students, handicapped and the elderly. The vehicle-installed unit will help in emergency situations such as carjacking, if you're lost, broken down by the side of the road, and to retrieve stolen cars or motorcycles. In addition, companies could use the system to monitor their fleet vehicles. The uses are really endless." About Roka, Inc. Roka, Inc., located in Phoenix, Ariz., is a distributor of patented security devices for personal or business use. Roka offers either a hand-held unit or an installed unit for any type of vehicle, including motorcycles. Installed devices have a remote key fob that can activate alarm. With its monthly security monitoring packages and security devices, Roka says it will play a significant role in providing safety for many businesses, individuals, and families. All security devices are monitored through ACM U.L. Monitoring Station. For more information call (602) 681-2693. ACM U.L. Monitoring Station ACM U.L. Monitoring Station, a highly secure emergency monitoring service headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., says it has been dedicated to providing monitoring service nationwide from its Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) listed monitoring station for more than 20 years. ACM Global Link(TM) service works in conjunction with the Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), and uses mapping technology that includes pre-defined Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) boundaries. For more information call (800) 422-0205 or (602) 220-0205.