MobileAria Inc., developer of hands-free, voice-enabled productivity services for the driver, on Oct. 2 announced live productivity service in its fully-equipped telematics demonstration automobiles. MobileAria says its True Hands Free(TM) service is "the first and only service" to provide drivers with purely voice-activated access to their desktops' voicemail, email, contact and calendar information, driving directions and traffic conditions, enabling drivers to always keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. According to CEO Michael Orr, MobileAria provides busy people with continuous access to important information through what Orr calls "the first and only telematics service that supports the same devices people carry with them throughout the day, including laptops and cell phones." MobileAria's initial service offering will launch by the end of the year. "True Hands Free means drivers can use their phones and laptops with simple voice commands, enabling them to be productive while driving responsibly, eyes on the road, hands on the wheel," Orr said. "Unlike some other telematics concepts, which have yet to fully materialize, MobileAria's service is live and available this year with comprehensive productivity applications." By 2006, the U.S. telematics market will reach an estimated $26 billion, with hands-free service capabilities in 76 million vehicles, according to a Forrester Telematics Report (June 2001). MobileAria connects users' laptops and cell phone devices with Bluetooth, a wireless technology which replaces cables in connecting devices to each other. MobileAria is the first in-vehicle application of Bluetooth for personal information. With MobileAria's service, drivers can use voice commands to: -- Read, file, forward, reply, delete or prioritize their email -- Dial the phone by saying the phone number or contact name -- Listen to personalized news, sports, financial and entertainment -- Check location-based weather and traffic information -- Access appointments and other personal information -- Use location-based services to find driving directions and locate businesses like restaurants or ATMs. The MobileAria demo cars -- a BMW 325, VW Passat, Cadillac DeVille and Ford Explorer -- are currently being shown to telecommunications carriers, automobile manufacturers and retailers, automotive equipment suppliers, retail distribution channels, the media and industry analysts. When launched to the public, True Hands Free service will be available for use in any car as an aftermarket service, according to MobileAria. The demonstration cars will tour cities across the country this fall and winter. With a user interface that uses voice activation and text-to-voice technology, MobileAria's True Hands Free productivity service is designed to allow drivers to responsibly access personal information and use email and location-based services while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. About MobileAria Mountain View, Calif.-based MobileAria is a developer of "True Hands Free" voice-enabled productivity services for the telematics industry. MobileAria says its patent-pending technology frees drivers to responsibly access their world using leading voice, GPS, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. Investors include Delphi Automotive Systems, Mayfield and Palm, Inc. For additional information, visit