The Diesel Technology Forum, on October 11, launched a new Web site focusing on clean diesel solutions to reduce emissions from existing diesel engines according to Forum Executive Director Allen Schaeffer.

"This unique site is geared toward key stakeholders including trucking and transit bus fleet owners and operators, equipment operators, government officials, the media and the general public," stated Schaeffer. "Our goal is to provide basic program information and real-life examples of success stories in modernizing and upgrading existing diesel equipment so that truck and bus operators, air pollution control officials, regulators and municipal governments understand the full array of issues, options and benefits toward meeting clean air goals."

For nearly 18 months, the Diesel Technology Forum has been working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and state and regional governments providing technical and policy support for these programs. EPA has established a campaign goal of retrofitting 100,000 existing diesel engines by January 1, 2002. This comes on the heels of last years' first successful program that surpassed the goal of retrofitting 10,000 engines.

"Through the experiences of the last 18 months, it has become increasingly clear that lowering the emissions of existing diesel engines through these measures is technically feasible and provides real clean air benefits," stated Schaeffer. "There's no question that there are still unresolved issues and we are in a learning mode, so the power of information is vitally important, and this site helps fill an information gap."

The web site will encompass the full array of clean-diesel solutions for modernizing and upgrading existing equipment including:

  • Retrofitting-applying emissions filters and catalysts to existing vehicles and equipment
  • Refueling-using cleaner diesel fuels or emissions-reducing fuel additives
  • Rebuilding-taking existing engines and upgrading them with hardware and/or software changes
  • Repowering-replacing older engines with new lower-emitting engines
  • Retirement-replacing old equipment with new equipment that has lower-emitting engines

    To reach the Web site, visit, and select Retrofit Program on the navigation bar.