Bluetooth SIG, Inc. announced October 15th that its Car Working Group has released a definition for how Bluetooth wireless technology will enable hands-free use of mobile phones in automobiles. These enhancements are part of the new Hands-Free Profile and are expected to be adopted by the Bluetooth SIG membership. Prototype products using this specification are expected by the end of the year.

"Product designers, including those in the automobile market are looking for high volume, easy to implement wireless standards," said Simon Ellis, chairman of the Bluetooth SIG marketing committee. "The Bluetooth specification is meeting the needs of existing and new applications for wireless products by diligently focusing on worldwide interoperability and ease of use."

According to Bluetooth, using the new Hands-Free profile, products that implement the Bluetooth specification can facilitate automatic establishment of a connection between the car's hands-free system (typically part of its audio system) and a mobile phone the driver brings into the car. Work continues among the Bluetooth Promoter and Associate member companies to add additional capabilities tot he Bluetooth wireless specification. In-depth updates to the Bluetooth SIG membership and the development community regarding these efforts are planned at the upcoming annual Bluetooth Developers Conference to be held in San Francisco, December 10-13, 2001. For more information, visit