What if you're far from the office and need to print a document? One company has a new way to cut the wires so mobile professionals can print anywhere, anytime...wirelessly. Industry insiders say it's no high-tech gimmick. Instead, PrintMe Networks says it is solving one of the biggest problems facing an increasingly mobile world. The company is predicting, and no doubt hoping, that this new way of printing wirelessly could become as common as voicemail. PrintMe Networks, conceived by EFI (Electronics for Imaging), involves a network of printers, housed in hotels, business centers, print shops and coffeehouses worldwide. Thanks to EFI's powerhouse Internet partners, including Adobe and Yahoo!, customers will be able to print a variety of document formats on the road, according to company officials. Forget remote printing the old way: running to a business center, calling your office to print something or being tethered to your desk and the cable hookups. Using PrintMe Networks for remote printing is the simple solution and it can really save the day, according to the company. Here is how it works. Order your job by using your handheld device, cell phone or laptop from the road, secure a confidential ID Number, click onto the document you want and select the PrintMe Printer nearest you. When you arrive at your designated PrintMe Printer, call up your confidential ID Number and print. You can even "Park" your print order, which means printing when you want to, according to PrintMe officials. Security and privacy is part of the package, according to the company, which claims printing personal or private corporate documents has never been so convenient and fast. It also allows you to customize and control your own print jobs, company officials say. PrintMe Networks is in its testing phase now but may be coming to a city near you soon. For more information visit www.printme.com.