Fuel economy, safety and price have emerged as heightened concerns for automotive consumers, according to a recent poll by Princeton-based Opinion Research Corporation measuring the effects of recent events on automotive consumer attitudes. Autobytel Inc. is responding to this shift in consumer priorities by providing the research data and tools that matter to today's consumers.

To help consumers take advantage of the tremendous buying opportunities during the new model year, Autobytel has created a 2002 Buyer's Guide, providing new car shoppers with the data and tools they need to move beyond sticker price and MSRP to discover hidden values behind new, redesigned and upgraded 2002 models offered at 2001 prices, or with significant discounts.

"Car buyers are naturally more concerned about safety and economy in light of recent events and the overall economic slowdown," said Andrew Donchak, chief marketing officer of Autobytel Inc. "We've focused our vast vehicle data and consumer-facing resources to provide today's customers with the safety, fuel efficiency and pricing information they need to find and purchase the best possible vehicle for themselves and their families."

Available at www.autobytel.com, the guide offers comparisons of 2002 models vs. their 2001 predecessors, taking into account upgrades and newer model features to advise consumers as to the better overall value. Consumers can also conduct their own comprehensive side-by-side comparisons between 2001 and 2002 models. The guide also enables shoppers to view a side-by-side comparison of 2002 models and similar vehicles by juxtaposing a range of information to illuminate relative strengths among comparable models. Each vehicle information report details over 60 categories of data, spanning pricing, available options, safety features and ratings, fuel efficiency, ownership costs (repairs, insurance, etc.), performance, specifications and reviews.

"This fall promises to be one of the most consumer-friendly new vehicle markets in recent memory," continued Donchak. "Not only are there significant redesigns and new model launches, there are also unusually hefty cash back and financing incentives being offered in response to the tightening auto market." Consumers can also use Autobytel.com to identify the tremendous cash-back and financing incentives currently being offered by manufacturers in an effort to boost sales and consumer confidence.

About Autobytel Inc.

Autobytel Inc., the online automotive marketing and information company, owns and operates Autobytel.com, Autoweb.com, Carsmart.com, Autosite.com, and AIC (Automotive Information Center). Autobytel Inc's mission is to provide marketing, data, technology and management services to benefit every manufacturer and dealership. The company powers manufacturer and portal auto channels with data and tools to help customers buy cars; provides advertising programs for manufacturers and delaers to target customers; develops technology to drive one of the most advanced inventory-based manufacturer's online car selling programs to date; and generates billions of dollars in car sales through the company's websites.