For the 2021 model year, we’re offering our fleet clients a redesigned Audi Q5. Between the new dynamic design, array of powertrain options, and the updated infotainment system, this SUV can check all your boxes.

The updated design offers sales professionals or managers the kind of ride that makes a statement while delivering performance and capability expected from Audi.

For sales or service professionals, the Audi Q5 is a multifaceted SUV that has the capacity and capability to meet most of their working demands. For those drivers who need to transport sales materials, tools, or other cargo, the Model Year-2021 Audi Q5 features 25.85 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats, and up to 54.06 cubic feet with rear seatbacks folded down. It also features a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs.1 (e quattro) to 4,400 lbs1 (TFSI quattro), demonstrating the value of the Audi Q5 as a working fleet vehicle.

Performance Isn’t Skin Deep

Along with its fleet-oriented capacities, the Model Year-2021 Audi Q5 SUV sports an updated exterior, featuring LED lights, new air intakes, and a sharper looking grill. These dynamic exterior features will help sales reps and managers make a positive impression with customers even before they step out of the vehicle.

It’s not just the eye-catching updates and accents with this redesigned Audi Q5, it’s the driving performance as well that can get your fleet’s drivers where they need to be. The Audi Q5 45 TFSI quattro is equipped with a 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder engine producing 261 hp, 271 lb.-ft. of torque, and mated to a 7-speed automatic all-wheel-drive transmission.

For the fleet manager who wants a more fuel-efficient engine option these days, say hello to the Audi Q5 55 TFSI e quattro. It’s equipped with both a 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder internal combustion engine and an electric motor which produces a combined 362 hp2, 369 lb.-ft. of torque, and just like its traditional counterpart, mated to a 7-speed automatic all-wheel-drive transmission as well.

That 14.1kwh battery must impede the PHEV SUV’s cargo capacity right? Wrong. That battery is located underneath the trunk in place of the spare tire and can be charged at home with an existing 120v power outlet. Charging time varies depending on the plug-in used of course. If the driver has a 240v socket, charging can be accomplished in approximately 2.4 hours.3 If the driver only has access to a 120v socket, charging will take approximately 22 hours.4

For fleets that want the extra power of the PHEV in addition to handling and performance, there is the Audi SQ5. It’s equipped with a 3.0L turbocharged V6, which produces 349 hp2, 369 lb.-ft. of torque, and is mated to an 8-speed automatic all-wheel-drive transmission.

That’s Infotainment

Productivity isn’t reserved to the improved capacity and performance of the Q5. Among the most notable updates is the Audi Q5 family is the new MIB 3 infotainment system, which features a number of intuitive, productivity-enhancing features, including:

  • A large 10.1-inch touchscreen with acoustic feedback for enhanced precision
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay™ for compatible devices
  • Google™ Android Auto5 for compatible devices 

In addition, overall recognition systems have been improved. The handwriting recognition now allows full word writing along the touchscreen, as well as the capability to write letters over top of one another. For the voice control system, it’s actually been upgraded to learn the driver’s natural voice. As a result, the system will have a more natural interaction with the driver as it’s not confined to pre-specific terms.

All in all, the MY-2021 Audi Q5 offers fleets an entire productivity package in an elegant, dynamic design. To find out more about which model will best fit your fleet, please feel free to email me at Mark.Riemer@audi.com.



  1. Maximum tow rating when properly equipped with towing accessories. Vehicle load, other accessories and options may reduce maximum towing capacity. See vehicle owner's manual for details.
  2. Manufacturer estimated peak combined system output of horsepower and torque. Not SAE net.
  3. Refer to your owner’s manual and EV charger manual for proper use. Consult with a qualified electrician regarding charger installation and always adhere to local building codes.
  4. Actual charge time will vary and depends on several factors including battery age and vehicle condition. Battery capacity decreases with time and use. See dealer or owner’s literature for details.
  5. Always pay careful attention to the road and do not drive while distracted. Not all features available on all operating systems. Message and data usage rates apply. These features require compatible device, operating system, and mobile apps. See mobile device and app providers for terms and privacy. “Apple CarPlay” is a trademark of Apple, Inc. “Android Auto” is a trademark of Google, LLC.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet