With more than a decade of experience featuring Motorola hands-free in-car phone systems, Mercedes-Benz says it will become the first automaker to offer the Motorola V60 integrated hands-free phone system, which offers many new conveniences for consumers. Identified by its anodized aluminum shell, the Motorola V series 60c phone system is expected to be available through authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers beginning in early December. The new phone can be activated on most national CDMA and TDMA networks.

Available on all 2002-model Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the hands-free V60 phone system is designed to help drivers fulfill their primary responsibility -- driving safely -- while, according to Motorola, offering all of the convenience features that Mercedes-Benz drivers expect.

When used outside the vehicle, the pocket-sized handset offers many new conveniences, including short messaging service (SMS) text messages for those who need to stay connected even in the quietest situations and a voice recorder to capture up to two minutes of personally recorded notes and reminders. TrueSync capability allows users to upload and synchronize the phone with the calendar and address book of many personal information management devices such as Palm handheld. A network dependent WAP 1.1 microbrowser provides quick access to weather updates, stock quotes, sports scores and more, while its VibraCall alert discreetly notifies users of incoming calls.

The phone also features a dual display when used outside the vehicle. When the phone is closed, an exterior display shows network dependent features, such as caller ID, text messages, or date and time. When the phone is open, a large interior display shows all standard functions, including the personal calendar and address book.

When placed under the center armrest, the phone automatically downloads its phonebook contents to the vehicle. With this level of integration, the phonebook contents and last dialed or received calls are viewable on the vehicle's dash. Additionally, the system automatically mutes the radio or pauses the cassette or CD player whenever calls are received or placed, and drivers can send and receive calls through integrated steering wheel controls or via a keypad on the audio system.

To help keep drivers' hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, the Motorola V60 also offers voice recognition that enables drivers to use simple verbal commands to place calls. Sophisticated voice recognition software allows drivers to access speed-dial numbers from their phonebook or dial new numbers, all verbally.

"Mercedes-Benz prides itself on consistently delivering the highest level of safety and sophistication in our vehicles," said Dave Schembri, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA. "Starting with the innovation and convenience of hands-free operation while driving the vehicle, the feature-rich technology provides our customers with a new level of staying in touch."

"Throughout our longstanding relationship, Motorola has worked with Mercedes-Benz to provide the latest in advanced integrated hands-free phone and telematics systems," said Marios Zenios, senior vice president and general manager, Motorola Automotive Communications and Electronic Systems Group. "The Motorola V60 integrated hands-free phone system exemplifies our dedication to delivering technology that is smarter, simpler, safer and more synchronized. The Motorola V60 integrated hands-free phone system embodies our responsible driving slogan: Drive Safe."

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