As New York issues a new law banning hand-held cellular phones while driving, Onstar continues to bring in-vehicle, hands-free calling capability to thousands of motorists in the tri-state area with OnStar Personal Calling.

OnStar personal Calling allows subscribers to use their OnStar system to safely make and receive wireless phone calls in a completely hands-free voice-activated manner--there are no keypads or handsets, compliant with the new state law.

With the push of a single button, the driver dials by using voice commands, which can be used to enter single digits or select individually selected preprogrammed nametags, such as "home" or "office". The system automatically mutes the vehicle's sound system and plays the incoming voice through the speakers. The microphone is built into the interior, allowing for a hands-on-the-wheel, eyes-on-the-road driving experience. OnStar Personal Calling is available on all 2001 and 2002 General Motors Corp. vehicles equipped with OnStar, as well as the 2002 Acura RL sedan.

"Clearly a driver's No. 1 priority is to control the vehicle, and connectivity in a vehicle requires a different approach from offices or homes. OnStar pulls together technologies that allow drivers to stay connected while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel," said Rod Egdorf, vice president of OnStar Wireless Services. Wireless calls can be made across the United States, using the nationwide network created in cooperation with Verizon Wireless.

In addition to the ability to make and receive hands-free phone calls, OnStar subscribers also can access a live advisor at the push of a button to provide a variety of emergency and non-emergency services.

OnStar and General Motors are at the forefront of the automotive industry in developing a series of principles to govern the development of telematics technologies. GM also announced an employee policy that encourages GM's more than 200,000 employees in North America to use hands-free technology when driving company vehicles or personal vehicles while on or conducting GM business. For more information on OnStar, visit