Internet Motors Corporation, a telematics software and services developer for the automotive industry, announced November 6th its strategic relationship with Broadcast Data Systems (BDS), a provider of off-the-air music recognition for the record and radio industries. Internet Motors is the first and only company to utilize BDS' Data in vehicle telematics devices, using it to bring a myriad of commerce and entertainment applications to the automotive market. As part of its effort to effectively launch many of its new services, Internet Motors has also announced the hiring of Travis Pruitt, formerly with the Microsoft Corporation. Effective immediately, Mr. Pruitt will lead the design team to architect Internet Motors' first set of applications.

Internet Motors develops telematics applications that integrate wireless, location, speech and computing functionality, providing drivers with a variety of entertainment, information, safety, security and navigation solutions. BDS' patented fingerprinting technology enables the near real-time identification of music played on approximately 1200 radio stations in the United States. Internet Motors will be the exclusive provider of BDS information in the telematics industry. This will allow Internet Motors to transform a traditional radio into an interactive information portal. Drivers will have access to a number of completely new in-vehicle commerce opportunities such as purchasing products and services based on unique music tastes.

"This is a very exciting time for the next generation shopper," said Pawan Gupta, president of Internet Motors. "We will be able to deliver music either digitally through MP3 players or through the mail all from the user's automobile with the touch of a button. BDS has developed superior technologies that complement our products incredibly well. This makes for a perfect fit."

BDS is a definitive broadcast monitoring service, providing Country, R&B, Modern Rock, Rap, Adult Contemporary, Top 40, Latin and Contemporary Christian radio, with service to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

"BDS is the cornerstone of airplay information for the record industry," said Rob Sisco, BDS executive vice president and general manager. "From the airplay data that underlies the weekly billboard music charts to up to the minute information for music and radio executives, BDS is the music industry's source authority on radio airplay. We are confident that our data will provide ideal support for Internet Motors' exceptional mobile commerce solutions."

Record labels have employed BDS' technology, sending their music to BDS for identification purposes. BDS is then able to recognize a unique pattern in individual songs. As these songs play over the radio, BDS alerts its clients as to when the songs have played and how often.

Internet Motors users will be able to download digital music directly from their car stereos or request that they receive their selection via mail by ordering through websites such as

"Many of us who are seeing the future of computing know very well that the telematics industry is the new breed of Internet services," said Pruitt, Internet Motors lead programmer. "The drive in this company to be focused on doing one thing well is what attracted me here. Internet Motors is one of the flagship developers of the mobile Internet." Internet Motors plans on phasing into its second phase of in-vehicle commerce services by offering products for purchase other than music.

About Internet Motors Corporation

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Seattle, WA, Internet Motors ( is a telematics software and services developer for the automotive industry. The telematics industry is expected to reach $47 billion in global revenue by 2010. Internet Motors is developing a suite of entertainment, information and commerce services to assist vehicle manufacturers in delivering location relevant, personalized content to its customers in a safe and reliable manner.

About Broadcast Data Systems

BDS is part of the VNU Retail Entertainment Information Group (REI), home to products such as SoundScan, BookScan and VideoScan, which have transformed the music, publishing and home video industries respectively by providing them with relevant and actionable point-of-sale information. VNU is a leading international media and information company that includes Nielsen Media Research, and A.C. Nielsen. Its core activities are marketing and media information, business information and directories.