DriveCam Video Systems, a provider of vehicle safety and protection innovations, announced December 4th that Lancer Insurance, one of the nation's largest specialty insurer of passenger transportation vehicles, has recommended DriveCam to its customers representing approximately 50,000 vehicles nationwide.

Lancer traditionally refrains from promoting products, so the endorsement is rare. However, the company stated that DriveCam and the Driving Feedback System clearly produces safety, loss prevention and cost saving benefits.

"We were extremely impressed with DriveCam's ability to improve the safe operations of our insured fleets," said Tim Delaney, executive vice president of Lancer. "In our experience, DriveCam prevents accidents, thereby reducing vehicle down time and maintenance costs. We are convinced that DriveCam lowers insurance losses, which is why we are recommending it to our customers."

DriveCam uses video technology to record what drivers see and hear during unusual driving incidents. G-forces caused by activities such as hard braking, acceleration, harsh cornering or collisions trigger DriveCam to save a driving event for later viewing. As part of a complete Driving Feedback System, it is used by commercial fleets to monitor, track and improve driving performance. DriveCam's digital recording allows fleet managers to easily view an event on a TV, camcorder or personal computer.

"We are pleased to be recognized by a premier company like Lancer Insurance," said ed Andrew, president of DriveCam Video Systems. "By offering this endorsement, Lancer is demonstrating its commitment to fleet safety and to alerting its customers when safety products such as DriveCam can demonstrate a sizeable return on investment."

In addition tolowering operating expenses, DriveCam is also useful in uncovering insurance fraud. Music Express, a limousine service insured by Lancer, recently used a DriveCam recording to uncover a staged accident. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), fraud rings specifically target commercial vehicles such as taxis, limousines, rental cars, and commercial trucks. By clearly recording and identifying staged accidents, DriveCam can save insurance companies from investigating and paying for these claims.

DriveCam is sold as part of the complete Driving Feedback System that helps fleets monitor, track and improve driving performance. The program includes a manager's guide, driver guide, instructional videotape and Event Manager software for logging and tracking vehicle events.

About Lancer Insurance

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DriveCam Video Systems is a developer of vehicle safety products that improve driver traffic and safety. Thousands of commercial vehicles are currently using DriveCam to ensure driver safety. Additional information is available at