Automotive Communications firm Wingcast LLC announced December 13 that Verizon Wireless will provide wireless voice and data when Wingcast launches its service next year.

the partnership allows Wingcast to offer consumers high-speed data, location-based applications and emergency services over Verizon's network.

Created by Ford Motor Company, Wingcast is also based on Qualcomm's technology, as is Verizon Wireless' networks.

Harel Kodesh, chief executive of Wingcast said, "We're excited about this relationship with Verizon Wireless because it will provide our customers with the broadest available coverage footprint providing reliable access from almost anywhere in the country."

Kodesh added in a news release, "In addition, Wingcast will be able to access the latest voice and data services available due to Verizon Wireless' continued expansion of its advanced digital network."

In certain Ford and Nissan vehicles, Wingcast will offer hands-free, high speed data and voice services.

Wingcast said it would be able to offer e-mail and enterprise software, customized graphics packages, access to Intranets and external Internet services, information services, instant messaging and streaming video, as Verizon upgrades its networks.