Quick Fuel Fleet Services, an ExxonMobil joint venture, has opened its third Quick Fuel automated fleet fueling station in Texas, located at 3702 Distribution Drive. The new station is the third of three Quick Fuel stationsopened in metro Dallas over the past year. The first station opened in Grand Prairie on July 2nd and the second opened in Dallas on July 16th. All three stations are exclusively supplied with Exxon fuels.

The Garland station is located off of I-635, near the major intersection of Miller Road and Jupiter Road, in the heart of Garland's four square mile industrial district. Quick Fuel's automated station is the first in the area to accept multiple national fuel cards. In addition to accepting its Advantage and Advantage Plus access cards, Quick Fuel stations accept most major national fuel cards, including Fuelman, Comchek, Wright Express, EFS and the ExxonMobil Fleet Card.

Quick Fuel provides fuel management programs for commercial fleets. Facilities are designed exclusively for large commercial vehicles with wide fueling lanes, high speed dispensers, and easy access from major trucking routes. Quick Fuel recently introduced QuickNet, allowing customers to access their accounts via the Internet. For more information, visit www.quickfuel.com.