puraDYN Filter Technologies Inc., the global by-pass oil filtration system company, announced December 19th a joint venture with Mack Trucks Inc. to offer puraDYN’s proprietary by-pass oil filtration systems as an aftermarket option through participating Mack truck dealers in the United States.

"This strategic alliance will enable Mack Trucks to meet their customers’ needs for protecting the environment, since the use of puraDYN’s system means tremendous reduction in oil purchase and disposal," said puraDYN CEO Richard C. Ford. "We also know it will save their customers money and downtime, since they will be making a simple filter change rather than draining their oil during periodic maintenance."

The puraDYN oil filtration system is a by-pass filter system which can be installed on any internal combustion engine or hydraulic equipment. It has been designed and developed to extend oil drain intervals, and in many cases even eliminate oil drains completely. According to puraDYN, the system significantly reduces operating expenses, maintenance costs, capital expenses and negative environmental impact.

puraDYN’s President and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Kroger commented, "We are pleased that Mack Trucks has agreed to make our systems available to their customers driving Class 7 and Class 8 trucks. With stricter gaseous emission standards being introduced in 2002 and beyond, oil filtration will become an ever-growing concern due to the higher soot levels created by nitrous oxide reductions. Our system will help Mack Trucks meet these requirements and reduce the oil filtration concerns of their customers."

About Mack Trucks Inc.

Mack Trucks Inc. is one of North America's producers of heavy-duty trucks, in addition to major product components; the company also markets a line of medium-duty diesel trucks across North America. Mack vehicles are sold and serviced in more than 45 countries worldwide.

About puraDYN Filter Technologies

puraDYN manufactures and markets the puraDYN By-Pass Oil Filtration System, a unit that continuously cleans lubricating oil by reducing solid contaminates to less than one micron, as well as removing liquid contaminants, therefore maintaining the oil’s viscosity and greatly reducing or even eliminating the necessity for oil changes. As a result of this continuous process, the useful engine life can be extended. The puraDYN system is effective for internal combustion engines and hydraulic applications in the automotive, transportation, construction, marine, agriculture, mining, military and power generating industries. The Company’s flagship product reduces new oil purchases and used oil disposing costs (up to 90%)while extending equipment life. The puraDYN By-Pass Oil Filtration System has been certified as a "Pollution Preventing Technology" by the California Environmental Protection Agency. For more information on puraDYN Filter Technologies Inc., visit www.puradyn.com.