SuperSprings, an aftermarket equipment maker for SUV's is introducing self-adjusting suspension technology designed to improve driver control while retaining ride comfort. With dangers of driving SUV's heightened in the winter months, SuperSpring's suspension enhancers help reduce body-roll and enhance towing capability.

According to SuperSprings, the technology, designed to work in conjunction with an SUV's existing leaf springs, improves the stability of top-heavy SUV's during hard turns, and improves load capacity and road holding characteristics. It's rolling shackle design distances the SuperSprings from the factory spring to create an I-beam effect, thus supplying greater strength to the suspension. This increases load support as well as prevents the suspension from twisting on turns, which significantly reduces vehicle side sway- a leading factor in loss of driver control, according to SuperSprings.

Catherine Lamberti, CEO of SuperSprings explains, "While SUV sales continue to grow at an incredible rate, so do consumers' safety concerns. SuperSprings add vastly improved handling, superior road holding and enhanced stability to these vehicles, yet do not interfere with the original suspension's comfortable ride. This results in increased driver confidence for off-road vehicle owners."

SuperSprings can be installed in less than 30 minutes, according to Lamberti, and can be configured for both spring-over-axle and spring-under-axle vehicles. For more information, visit the company's Web site at Prices vary according to SUV model, however most vehicles can be equipped for less than $350.

About SuperSprings

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based SuperSprings is a designer and supplier of suspension accessories. The original SuperSprings suspension enhancers have been launched after extensive design, testing and research in the United States. The suspension enhancers are for use on SUV's, passenger and cargo vans, minivans and pickups.