MobileAria Inc., a manufacturer of hands free, voice-enabled productivity services for the driver, announced Dec. 28 an agreement with Reuters, the global news, information and technology group, to provide MobileAria service subscribers with voice-enabled access to Reuters U.S. Online Report and Reuters Stock Reports.

Through the agreement, MobileAria users will be able to access breaking news, current events, politics, investment and stock market news, sports, entertainment, health, science, technology and business news from Reuters, an international text and television news agency. MobileAria service subscribers will be able to hear Reuters news clips and stock quotes optimized for the in-vehicle environment and personalized to each mobile user's interests.

"We are pleased to add Reuters news and stock quotes to the customized weather, traffic and other content that MobileAria users are able to access through a totally voice-enabled interface, keeping them informed, and productive while driving," said Sachal Gidwani, EVP and general manager of MobileAria. "Our goal is to continue to add the content that our customers want and need in their car without ever taking their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or having to touch a phone pad or radio dial."

"This exciting agreement clearly demonstrates Reuters commitment to providing the latest financial data and news to individuals when and where they want it," said Jim Hohman, managing director of media for Reuters America Inc.

According to Reuters, the Stock Report contains content from NYSE, NASDAQ and the Dow Jones Indexes. Users establish a Stock portfolio, which is accessed by saying a company name, instead of having to memorize ticker symbols. According to MobileAria, their True Hands Free service "voice-enables" a driver's PC laptop and mobile phone using text-to-speech, voice recognition and Bluetooth technologies to create an in-vehicle productivity service.

About MobileAria

Mountain View, Calif.-based MobileAria is the pioneer of True Hands Free voice-enabled productivity services for the telematics industry. MobileAria's technology frees drivers to access their world responsibly in any automobile using voice, GPS, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. For additional information, please visit

About Reuters

Reuters ( is a global information, news and technology group. Reuters makes use of Internet technologies for a wide distribution of information and news. Reuters is an international text and television news agency with 2,157 journalists, photographers and camera operators in 190 bureaus, serving 151 countries.