Motorola introduced Jan. 7 the company's Bluetooth hands-free car kit, combining audio performance and voice recognition with the latest Bluetooth technology. According to Motorola, this wireless car accessory delivers universal interoperability with any other 1.1 Bluetooth handset. The Bluetooth hands-free car kit, a CES Innovations Honoree, is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show 2002 in the Bluetooth Pavilion(booth #15447-C).

According to Motorola, Bluetooth technology enables a car to adapt the functionality of a device, like a wireless phone, to an auto environment. With that ability, a consumer talking on their mobile phone that uses Bluetooth technology can enter the car, at which point the conversation would automatically transition from the phone to the hands-free car system.

In addition, with the Bluetooth hands-free car kit installed, Motorola says consumers can start the car and the car kit automatically connects securely to their mobile phone with Bluetooth technology. The phone can be within thirty feet of the car kit -- on a belt, in a purse or anywhere in the car -- and no wires or cords are needed to make the connection. The Bluetooth hands-free car kit, according to Motorola, provides consumers with an additional 100 voice activation numbers and is also compatible with phones that don't support voice recognition. In addition, the car kit also features echo cancellation and mic noise cancellation for improved performance, according to Motorola.

"During 2002, many states are expected to consider hands-free mobile phone legislation. Motorola continues to develop technology to expand its existing portfolio of products that enhance the driving experience for consumers," said Ken Wasko, general manager, Companion Products and Accessories Group, Motorola's Personal Communications Sector. "The new Bluetooth hands-free car kit by Motorola is designed to help drivers fulfill their primary responsibility -- driving safely -- while offering convenient features and the latest in cutting-edge wireless technology. These Bluetooth accessories lay the foundation for consumers to evolve along with the technology, as future devices and applications arrive."

Also on display in the CES 2002 Bluetooth Pavilion will be the Bluetooth headset by Motorola, also a CES Innovations Honoree. The Bluetooth headset by Motorola provides hands-free, wireless headset-to-handset compatibility.

Pricing and Availability

The Bluetooth hands-free car kit by Motorola is expected to be available in Q2 2002, and the Bluetooth headset is expected to be available in Q1 of 2002. The Bluetooth headset by Motorola has an MSRP of $199.00. For more information, please visit the Motorola Web site at

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