Ride-On, a product for cars and SUVs is now available to consumers from Tire Labs. Ride-On, a tire sealant that is the result of over 6 years of research and development by Inovex Industries, can instantly seal multiple puncture wounds in a tire, eliminating the need to expose oneself to the danger and hassle of changing a tire on the side of a busy highway, according to Tire Labs.

Seventy percent of drivers age 18 to 35 have experienced a flat tire in the past 5 years, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Combined with the fact that almost 20 percent of highway deaths involved someone working on their car on the side of the road, it seems clear that tire failure is a major safety issue.

"The government’s recent tire safety campaign shows proves that there is a need for Ride-On," says Joshua Penn, President of Tire Labs. "By preventing the vast majority of flat tires and helping to maintain proper tire inflation, we’re confident that we can help make highways and cars safer."

Following the conclusion of successful testing by the United Nations, U.S. Postal Service, Baltimore Police Department, and numerous trucking companies nationwide, Tire Labs and Inovex industries launched an initiative to make the product available to individual consumers. The product is currently available exclusively online at www.tirelabs.com, and is expected to be on retail shelves in the spring of 2002.

According to Tire Labs, unlike other products that are reactively injected into a flat tire as a temporary patch, Ride-On is a preventative product that actually prevents flats BEFORE they happen. Ride-On will then continue to protect drivers and passengers from flats for the life of the tire.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Tire Labs engineers and distributes products that increase vehicle safety. Tire Labs is the only authorized online distributor of Ride-On. For more information about Tire Labs, please visit our web site at www.tirelabs.com or email info@tirelabs.com.