Marked by the sights and sounds of cheering assembly line workers and a visibly proud management team, the first Autocar-badged Xpeditor LCOE (low-cab-over-engine) truck rolled off the assembly line Jan. 25. The event marks the official rebirth of the Autocar nameplate, a brand which has graced the hoods of thousands of vehicles since its introduction in 1897 — making it the oldest continuously produced vehicle nameplate in the United States, according to Autocar. “From the moment our parent company, Grand Vehicle Works, purchased the well-recognized Xpeditor product line and the Autocar brand name, we have all looked forward to this day,” stated Bob Atkins, general manager of Autocar, LLC. “It is indeed a distinct privilege for our company and our dealers to bring the Autocar back to the industry. The brand has a strong heritage and reputation among vocational truck customers in the United States and in many other parts of the world.” Atkins continued: “From hauling building stone out of quarries to transporting troops and equipment during several wars, the Autocar has become synonymous with quality, durability and exceptional performance in tough, unforgiving terrain and under harsh working conditions. Just as the Autocar truck has always responded to the challenges placed on it, we will also rise to the challenge by fulfilling our pledge to be the most responsive LCOE truck company in the business – period.” “It is very exciting to celebrate the re-birth of the Autocar brand,” said Mike Popovich, vice president of sales and marketing. “In addition to putting the Autocar nameplate on the Xpeditor product, we are also ushering in a refreshing new era for LCOE and vocational customers. All of our future product developments and services will be 100 percent focused on the LCOE customer’s unique transportation needs. Utilizing the financial strength and entrepreneurial success of our parent organization, and partnering with our newly created and committed dealer network, we will create ‘Raving Fans’ who will join us in celebrating the marriage of our proven product line with a known and trusted brand name.” For more information on the Autocar Xpeditor product and related services, call (866) 289-8782. About Autocar, LLC Autocar, LLC was formed in July 2001, when parent company Grand Vehicle Works Holdings, LLC purchased the Autocar name and the Xpeditor truck line from Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. Grand Vehicle Works Holdings, LLC is a holding company whose subsidiaries are involved in niche transportation markets. Its headquarters are in Highland Park, Ill., and its manufacturing facilities are located in Union City, Ind., and Mexico.