Soon after the tragedies of Sept. 11, an anonymous Internet e-mail began circulating that inaccurately claimed that Honda, and several other foreign-owned auto companies, had contributed nothing to aid the victims of these attacks. This e-mail is an unfortunate hoax. Most recently, CNN Headline News has been cited as the source for this false information. Media outlets in Ohio, South Carolina, and potentially elsewhere, have reported this story, citing CNN as the source for this information. CNN Headline News has no record of any such story. Honda and its associates around the country quickly and generously responded to the events of Sept. 11. Honda immediately delivered all-terrain vehicles to the FDNY and the New Jersey Police Association for use in recovery and relief efforts at Ground Zero. Honda also provided water pumps, generators and light kits for use by the FDNY for recovery and repair efforts. This equipment is still in use today at Ground Zero. Monetary contributions from Honda associates, matching corporate funds and additional corporate contributions to the United Way and Red Cross Sept. 11 relief efforts have totaled more than $1.5 million, not including the equipment provided directly by Honda. Details of Honda's assistance to Sept. 11 relief efforts are posted on the company's Web site at "Understandably, American Honda has received many inquiries from concerned customers and other individuals over this false e-mail," a Honda media statement reads. "We have thus far responded individually to these inquiries in an attempt to set the record straight. However, since this false e-mail continues to circulate and spread confusion regarding the depth of our response, we appreciate any assistance you might offer to correct these unfair accusations."