For many areas of the United States, winter has arrived with a vengeance. And winter's severe weather can make driving treacherous. Snow, ice, and even the winter sun all conspire to make winter driving more difficult and dangerous. The Bridgestone Winter Driving School in Steamboat Springs, Colo., offers the following advice to winter motorists. The driver’s position within the car is critical. Proper seat positioning yields the most effective and efficient control of the steering controls, brakes and accelerator. Sitting too close, or too far away, greatly reduces a driver’s ability to control the car. To adjust your seat to the correct position, extend your arm to the top of the steering wheel - your wrist should rest on the top of the steering wheel. You should also be able to fully depress the brake and clutch pedals without moving in the seat. The interior environment of your car should be considered. Proper ventilation can help you stay more alert – if the car is too warm or too cold you won’t be at your best. Keep the interior temperature warm enough so that you don’t need to wear a bulky winter jacket. Moreover, avoid wearing large, clumsy boots and mittens.