IBM announced Feb. 14 that Delphi Automotive Systems has chosen IBM's J9 virtual machine environment, as a foundation technology for the development of automobile multimedia products. According to the company, these products can enable motor vehicles to communicate in real-time with drivers, dealers, manufacturers and others in the industry's value chain. Delphi will use the IBM J9 virtual machine environment in the design of new mobile multimedia products that include embedded, real-time control systems using full-motion video, speech and voice processing, Internet and Java technologies to enhance communications and entertainment applications for original equipment vehicles. Products expected to result from the collaboration range from dashboard control features to information, entertainment, navigation and messaging. In addition to enabling functions that consumers can experience firsthand, the collaboration between IBM and Delphi will enhance consumer-support Telematics solutions that ease vehicle maintenance by digitally connecting automakers, dealers and car owners, according to IBM. Such solutions include embedded functions ranging from the remote monitoring of a vehicle's condition to the wireless transfer of data to help manufacturers understand component performance, enhance repairs and drive future design improvements. For Delphi's development of these products, IBM will provide J9 technology that is modular, scalable and optimized for memory and efficiency. The J9 virtual machine, at the core of IBM's Telematics Solutions offerings, is a production environment offering adaptive compilation of Java application bytecodes and JIT (Just-In-Time) program execution performance. According to IBM, their embedded virtual machine technology has been developed, deployed and refined for more than a dozen years. In August 2001, IBM was the first to develop and distribute the J9 J2ME "Java Powered" environment simultaneously across multiple platforms. The company says that the J9 virtual machine environment has proved in independent testing to provide a high-performance, compact environment for running embedded Java applications across a broad range of processors. Complementing the J9 virtual machine, IBM's VisualAge Micro Edition allows developers to create and deploy e-business applications to automotive Telematics devices, hand-held computers, PDA's and cellular telephones. More information is available at "IBM’s work with major manufacturers and industry electronics partners like Delphi demonstrates that we are fast becoming a preferred supplier of development platforms for new automotive solutions," said Raj Desai, director, IBM Telematics Solutions. "Because we have optimized our technologies for use on multiple operating systems and bring to market a complete solution and services, we can help enable revolutionary new features. Time-to-market is a distinct advantage we have over our competitors." Added Desai, "With these technologies in place, drivers will have the ability to simply talk to their cars instead of fumbling with knobs or glancing at attention-diverting displays. Computers can be enabled to constantly monitor a car's performance and, when a problem is detected, notify both driver and service shop." About Delphi Delphi Automotive Systems, headquartered in Troy, Mich., is a transportation and mobile electronics components and systems technology provider. Its mobile multimedia product line focuses on developing and marketing mobile products that provide communication, information, and entertainment systems for light- and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Marketed under the Communiport™ brand, Delphi offers audio, smart radios, Telematics, and rear-seat entertainment systems that provide a host of services, including navigation services, Internet access, e-mail, voice memo, integrated hands-free telephone, address books, voice recognition, DVD players, and other mobile office and entertainment features. For more information about Delphi Automotive Systems, visit Delphi at About IBM IBM is the an information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses. Through years of research in the Automotive industry, IBM and IBM Business Partners have built a portfolio of software (such as speech recognition and wireless technologies), hardware, IT services, development platforms and innovative tools. Addressing issues such as safety, privacy, convenience and connectivity, the in-vehicle information systems and solutions enable customers to deliver hands-free and eyes-free technology. Visit the Telematics Solutions site at for further details and references.