McLeod Software, a provider of fleet management software to more than 400 large and small fleets throughout North America, announced Mar. 5 its interface agreement with TMI, the parent company of TripPak Express and TripPak Online document management services, an initiative that will provide several types of integration with McLeod.

According to the company, the new integration with McLeod Software will allow TMI customers who use their TripPak Online Enterprise Solution to interface directly with McLeod’s LoadMaster dispatch and accounting fleet management software. In addition, McLeod customers who use McLeod’s LoadMaster Document Imaging and WorkFlow products can now utilize the TripPak Scanning overnight image capture service. Tom McLeod, president of McLeod Software indicated that he was very pleased to be able to offer carriers another meaningful business choice. Referring to the TMI integration he said, "This new interface continues to illustrate McLeod’s business philosophy of providing carriers with sound choices in technology." "Tom McLeod is dedicated to serving its customer’s best interests, and TMI matched that commitment by working with McLeod to develop a database-level integration with TripPak Online. This offers a multitude of new options for our mutual fleet clients to realize instant cash flow benefits from outsourced scanning, without losing control of their shipper and driver documents," explained Mark A. Cleveland, executive vice president of TMI. "This is an honest-to-goodness, customer centered initiative and it’s fun to be a part of it." TMI is a service provider to the trucking industry, offering to more than 700 fleets the TripPak Express and TripPak Online document management services. The twelve-year old company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in Brentwood, Tennessee and Wilmington, Ohio. Visit for more information. McLeod Software is a provider of dispatch and accounting fleet management software available to the truckload industry. McLeod’s new LoadMaster Enterprise is an integrated transportation management software system that is customizable and interfaces with most mobile communication, mileage and fuel systems. LoadMaster Enterprise is platform-independent and database independent, and offers client/server distributed processing and Graphical User Interface (GUI). This enterprise wide solution is based on Java2, Enterprise Edition Technologies, and will allow applications to run on the AS/400, Windows (98/NT/200/XP), and Unix (SCO, AIX, HP/UX, Linux) systems without recompiling. McLeod has developed its own Document Imaging and WorkFlow System, EDI Program, a Universal Mobile Communications Module and Internet applications for trucking companies.