Sport utility vehicles are in such demand that even Porsche, standard-bearer for performance sports coupes, now has to have one. Porsche showed photos of its new Cayenne SUV at the Geneva auto show, which runs through March 14. CEO Wendelin Wiedeking said the SUV will attract new customers and offer current Porsche owners something besides a sporty two-seater. The Cayenne is intended to increase Porsche sales by 50 percent over the next 18 months, Wiedeking said. Porsche also is building a version of the SUV for Volkswagen, which will be sold globally as Tuareg. Both vehicles will be unveiled in September at the Paris auto show, but already VW is having to reconsider the name. VW's U.S. management is trying to get it changed for the United States, according to a USA Today story by David Kiley.