Axiom Navigation, Inc., a manufacturer of GPS technology, announced Mar. 15 that it has acquired Burlingame, CA-based Traxsis, a provider of software that locates mobile users connected to cellular networks. The combined company will offer products that allow cellular telephone users to take advantage of a multitude of location-based services (LBS). The product will also support the E911 initiative, allowing users to transmit their position in the event of an emergency, according to the companies.

"The marriage of our companies combines Traxsis' X-GPS technology with Axiom's GPS expertise, enabling a wireless location solution today," said Jason Shin, CEO of Axiom Navigation, Inc. "Our companies share a unified vision about where the wireless market is headed in the coming years. Traxsis gives us the software required to address the growing demand for asset tracking and location-based services as well as compliance with the E-911 initiative. It is a tribute to the research and development staffs of both companies to have engineered location awareness on the cellular telephone, the world's most ubiquitous mobile communication platform."

The merger creates a way of uniting GPS and wireless technologies to locate people around the globe. Traditionally, the infrastructure costs associated with locating the position of cellular telephone users have made the task difficult. One method is dependent on a triangulation scheme using existing cell towers. Another method relies on the integration of GPS into a wireless handset. According to the companies, the Axiom/Traxsis solution combines these two methods, removing any barriers to accurately locating a cell phone user.

"This merger brings together the best of both worlds, forming one solid company based on GPS manufacturing expertise and an understanding of the intricacies associated with the integration of GPS and wireless location devices," commented Steve Hogan, CEO of Traxsis. "This strategic combination will provide customers with one seamless way to take full advantage of each company's respective strengths in GPS technology."

Customers around the world are currently testing the first Traxsis X-Pak, designed to fit the Nokia 5100 and 6100 phones. Additional models are being developed for other manufacturers' handsets. Axiom will debut the X-Pak and X-GPS technology, as well as its entire product line, at the upcoming Cellular Telephone Industry Association trade showin Orlando, Fla., Mar. 18-20, booth #3850.

About Axiom Navigation, Inc.

Axiom Navigation, Inc. is a GPS and wireless systems provider. The company offers a complete line of OEM GPS receivers, Fleet Management Systems and Custom Development services to customers worldwide.

About Traxsis

Founded in 1999, Traxsis develops, markets and supports location requirements and services for wireless carriers, wireless device and chip manufacturers, wireless application service providers and content providers. According to the company, their technologies are customized from network configuration to database architecture.