Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of antennas and power products for wireless communications, unveiled Mar. 18 a low profile Satellite Radio (SDARS) Antenna for in-vehicle satellite radio systems at the CTIA Wireless 2002 Expo in Orlando, FL. This new antenna, designed to meet specifications for XM Satellite Radio with future support for Sirius, will soon be available for aftermarket, OEM and private label sales. "Our new Low-Profile SDARS Antenna offers satellite radio system manufacturers, car manufacturers and end-users the solution they have been searching for," said Gary Kuck, CEO of Centurion. "System engineers can now enhance the reliability of their product with our antenna's superior performance, without sacrificing the design vision of the automotive design engineer." According to Centurion, unlike traditional patch, helix or dipole satellite radio antennas, the compact, low-profile SDARS Antenna does not detract from the intended aesthetics of the vehicle while maintaining a reliable, high-quality connection. The SDARS antenna is a circularly polarized design with gain specified from 20 to 60 degrees in elevation. A variety of materials and design specifications can be used depending on the manufacturer's requirements. "By using proprietary antenna technology to drive the design of the antenna, Centurion has achieved a compact antenna that beats the size of other satellite radio antenna offerings with equal performance," said Monty Rohde, VP of engineering for Centurion. "The low-profile SDARS antenna presents new possibilities in design and aesthetics to system and car manufacturers." In line with Centurion's testing standards, the Low-Profile SDARS Antenna was tested on vehicles at an outdoor test facility. According to the company, Centurion also recently received Quality System Requirements QS9000 certification, signifying that Centurion's quality systems for design, materials management, manufacturing and customer service meet the highest quality standards set by the automotive industry. About Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc.

Centurion is a designer and manufacturer of antennas and power products for wireless communications. Centurion offers in-house custom design, tooling, mold fitting and production to provide a complete turnkey solution to fit any customer-specific need. With five design centers around the globe, Centurion has one of the largest R&D teams in the industry. For more information, please visit www.centurion.com.