Quick Fuel Fleet Services, LLC, a joint venture between Exxon Mobil Corporation and Jacobus Energy Inc., announces that they will begin on-site truck-to-truck refualing in Cleveland, Ohio, as a complement to their existing automated fleet fueling facility in Brook Park.

According to the company, on-site truck-to-truck refueling eliminates the environmental risks associated with on-site storage tanks for companies with commercial fleets, without sacrificing any of the convenience.

Qucik Fuels's drivers deliver fuel to equipment and trucks right at the terminal or construction site, during down times. Quick Fuel claims their automated delivery system helps eliminate human errors and ensures accurate reporting.

Today, Quick Fuel Fleet Services offers fleets a network of 50 fueling facilities and truck-to-truck refueling services in major cities troughout the midwest and south. Fleet managers should call 1-800-522-6287 to speak with a representative about on-site vehicle refueling or Quick Fuel's other services.