Navigation Technologies, a provider of digital maps for vehicle navigation, Internet/wireless applications and business solutions, announces NavTech Real-Time Map Service is now available for use in commercial Location-Based Services (LBS) applications. While NavTech maps already provide an accurate representation of real-world driving conditions, NavTech Real-Time Map Service enables integration of richer point-of-interest information (e.g., store opening hours) and dynamic content (e.g., traffic information) with easier updates of the maps, according to Navigation Technologies.

The service provides access to NavTech maps and expanded point-of-interest information through LBS functions such as route calculation via an XML interface. This, and future Real-Time Map Service interfaces, enable service providers and solution partners to incorporate map- related content into consumer offerings.

Both Renault and t-info, a subsidiary of T-Online International AG (Deutsche Telekom), are using NavTech Real-Time Map Service in LBS and telematics applications targeting consumers. Renault is using NavTech Real- Time Map Service in pilot telematics solutions as part of their E-vehicle initiative.

t-info GmbH is using Real-Time Map Service to position and guide users to lifestyle and business information, integrating 40 million addresses and contacts on Germany's businesses, restaurants, hotels, ATMs, pharmacies and petrol stations.

"Renault is focusing on future solutions that enhance customer convenience," said Bruno Simon, director of Project E-vehicle. "We are working with NavTech Real-Time Map Service because it allowed us to quickly accomplish more than originally planned because the service is so easy to use."

A key solution partner providing applications using NavTech Real Time Map Service is Neumobility. "Neumobility selected NavTech Real-Time Map Service as our mapping, routing and POI (Point of Interest) solution after substantial competitive evaluation. The primary reasons are the quality of NavTech maps and routing algorithms combined with their direct focus on supporting LBS. NavTech Real-Time Map Service provides an architecture and API that Neumobility can leverage in our delivery of innovative LBS applications," said Jeff Callegari, general manager and vice president of engineering of neumobility.

"With the introduction of LBS applications and technology, the market has been demanding additional map-based content," said Salahuddin Khan, senior vice president, technology & development, & chief technology officer, Navigation Technologies. "As the leading provider of digital maps, we have researched how to better integrate and deliver this rich and dynamic map-based content to meet market requirements. NavTech Real-Time Map Service is designed to meet those goals now and as the location-based services market evolves."

About Navigation Technologies

Navigation Technologies creates the digital maps that power navigation and location-based services around the world. The Chicago-based company was founded in 1985 and is privately held. The company's 1,200 employees are in over 100 offices in 18 countries.