Concentrax, Inc. (, the provider of Track Down vehicle tracking technology says it is strongly positioned for what President and CEO Mark Gifford calls a "breakthrough year" in 2002. "We have made some key improvements to our existing products, making them more convenient and environmentally responsible," Gifford said. "Beyond that, we have newer, broader applications for them -- including a venture designed to assist cities in the event of a terrorist attack or other incidents. "This combination of product enhancements and expanded capabilities positions the company for what I believe will be a breakthrough year." Concentrax's signature product is Track-Down, which offers round-the-clock, real-time satellite tracking of vehicles from a desktop computer. Its small size, easy installation and low cost make Track-Down a preferred tool for fleet managers, government, law enforcement, rental car companies, corporations, and anyone responsible for monitoring the proper use and location of entire fleets or individual vehicles, according to Concentrax. Gifford said his optimism about 2002 is based on a number of key developments. These include:
  • New Anti-Terrorism Product.
    Concentrax has entered into a Joint Operating Agreement with Texoga HSE, Inc., to develop a demonstration command center that will allow municipalities to know the exact location of emergency vehicles, enabling them to respond more quickly to a terrorist attack or other crises. The center will enable cities to instantly locate first-response assets -- emergency, police, rescue, and firefighting vehicles -- and deploy them quickly to an incident site.

  • Enhanced Features.
    According to the company, the Track-Down Vehicle Voice Link will make the unit more convenient, allowing customers to locate and/or directly interface with their vehicle and its systems by using a telephone -- and without any human intervention.

  • Environmental Technologies. Concentrax plans to introduce an environmentally friendly backup battery technology that will allow Track-Down units to operate for longer periods of time without having to be recharged.

    Gifford also said the company plans to price Track-Down more competitively and to streamline billing and payment features. "Although we already provide better capabilities and features at a lower cost than our competitors, we believe these steps will add to the product's appeal to corporate and governmental clients as well as individual users," he explained. All of this has produced significant new contract activity, Gifford continued. He said he expected that activity to increase even further when the company's marketing efforts are implemented later in the year. About Concentrax Concentrax, located in Houston, Texas, is a provider of vehicle-monitoring services and technologies. The company's signature product, Track-Down, provides data on asset use and location, and has applications for commercial trucking; rental vehicles/equipment; military; delivery; law enforcement; aviation and air cargo; corporate fleets, and emergency, health care and rescue vehicles.