ALK Technologies has been selected by Compaq Computer Ltd. to provide the navigation and route guidance technology for its new iPAQ Navigation System. The iPAQ Navigation System (iNS) will combine the iPAQ Pocket PC with CoPilot software pre-loaded on a compact flash card. This is the first CoPilot solution to enter the European market. The iPAQ Navigation System in the United Kingdom includes turn-by-turn spoken instructions, and instant and automatic route recalculation within seconds of going off route. According to the company, enhanced features also include a pre-trip planning option for displaying maps and directions before getting on the road, and the ability to pick stops by tapping on the map so the user can enter a destination without needing an exact street address. "CoPilot has been chosen as the application for the iPAQ Navigation System. It is essential to Compaq that the software used in the iNS provide the same quality user experience that one would expect from an in-dash system found in a luxury car, and we believe CoPilot will accomplish this," commented Justin Young, of the Compaq Wireless spokesperson team. "We are extremely excited to work with Compaq on this project," said Goodloe White, vice president, strategic development, ALK Technologies. "With the growth in location-based services and Pocket PC market share, we are determined to help broaden the market for in-vehicle PDA-based telematics solutions." CoPilot Technology is the backbone of a family of products marketed by the TravRoute division of ALK. Solutions include CoPilot 2002 for laptops and Pocket CoPilot 2.0 for Pocket PC-based handheld devices. Compaq Computer Corp.

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