@Road, a provider of location-enhanced wireless Internet solutions for mobile resource management (MRM), announced Mar. 26 an agreement with Southern LINC to expand the delivery of @Road services to key southeast regions. Southern LINC's 127,000-square-mile iDEN coverage area includes Georgia, Alabama, southeast Mississippi and northwest Florida, including both metro and rural areas.

According to the companies, this alliance allows @Road to deliver its services over the Southern LINC network. These services leverage the @Road LocationSmart technology platform, which combines wireless communications, positioning and XML technologies to help businesses better manage their mobile workers.

"The combination of the @Road features and Southern LINC's expansive metro/rural southeastern wireless data footprint will bring a tremendous value to our existing and potential customers yet to experience the powerful business voice and data offerings from Southern LINC," said Bob Dawson, president and CEO of Southern LINC. "Managers can access detailed location-based and work flow information giving them valuable insights to manage mobile workers more effectively. We are very excited about our new relationship with @Road and believe it will be beneficial to our customers." According to the company, benefits of the @Road suite of services include:

  • Web access to the secure @Road MRM application
  • Easy to view, zoomable maps showing mobile worker locations
  • Work flow status reports enabling managers to view the activity and availability of their workers
  • Work order and proof of delivery data collection applications to expedite critical information electronically "We strive to help more and more businesses improve productivity wherever they are located," said Krish Panu, president and CEO of @Road. "Our relationship with Southern LINC furthers that effort by enabling us to deliver our services throughout the Southern LINC footprint." About @Road Based in Fremont, Calif., @Road is a publicly held company that provides location-enhanced wireless Internet solutions for mobile resource management. Its LocationSmart technology platform combines wireless communications, positioning and XML technologies with the Internet into an integrated network that supports the delivery of location-enhanced wireless Internet services for businesses and mobile professionals. For more information, visit the company Web site at www.atroad.com. About Southern LINC Southern LINC, which stands for Long-range Integrated Network Communications, covers 127,000 square miles in the Southeast, including major metro and rural areas in Alabama, Georgia, southeastern Mississippi and northwest Florida. Using Motorola's iDEN(R) technology, Southern LINC combines multiple communication services into one handset or installed device including Instant LINC(SM) two-way radio, phone service, numeric and text paging, wireless Internet access and wireless data access. More information about Southern LINC can be obtained by calling 800/818-LINC (5462) or visiting the Southern LINC Web site at www.southernlinc.com.

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