A wireless security and anti-hijacking system for vehicles hauling flammable fuels or hazardous materials has been announced by SCI International of Clearwater, Florida (www.sciww.com). The company, who manufactures and markets the SmartFuel and Smart-Co-Pilot telemetric systems for fleet managers, says its new wireless Smart & Secure Fleet Security System can automatically stop the flow of fuel to the engine of any vehicle deviating from its predetermined route or driving at an unsafe speed. The system can also automatically transmit real-time video and audio signals from the cab to the fleet manager whenever high-priority situations arise, according to the company. "Recent events have created concerns that vehicles carrying highly explosive fuels or toxic chemicals might be used as weapons by terrorist groups. The Smart & Secure System was designed to make such scenarios impossible," said Tal Ezra, SCI's executive vice president of marketing. Ezra said the system can be programmed to automatically monitor cab activity or stop a vehicle based on a wide range of predetermined parameters. "If a vehicle deviates from course or even comes too close to a government building it can be programmed to automatically stop," said Ezra. The system, which integrates GPS tracking, cell phone data transmission, and a proprietary interface to the engine computer's data buss, also features radio-frequency driver verification making it impossible for a Smart & Secure equipped vehicle to be driven by another operator, according to SCI. Ezra said the system can also be used to secure public transportation vehicles and school busses. The Smart & Secure system is compatible with SCI's SmartFuel Fleet Fuel Management System and Smart-Co-Pilot Fleet Management System. Information about SCI's Smart & Secure Fleet Security System can be requested through Tal Ezra, talezra@attglobal.net, 727.461.9799. About SCI International, Inc. SCI (Smart Consumer Interface) International, Inc., is a Clearwater Floridia based provider of wireless solutions for fuel and fleet managment. SCI's systems have been used in Israel, South Africa, and Europe since 1996, and were introduced to US consumers in 1998.