A dogfight for leadership in vehicle quality is looming among the Big Three, according to the Wall Street Journal. Ford's top quality executives told the council of Ford dealers in the U.S. two weeks ago that the company is "anticipating some significant improvement" in external initial quality surveys this year, said Ralph Seekins, chairman of that dealer association. Ford's crosstown rival General Motors Corp. doesn't want to be outdone. Gary Cowger, president of GM's North American operations, told securities analysts last month that the No. 1 automaker is on track to make its goal of reducing problems, defined as customer complaints about such things as wind or brake noise or high fuel consumption, to between 130 and 140 per 100 vehicles. Chrysler officials have said the Chrysler Group of DaimlerChrysler AG also is making a major push to improve quality to help hold on to market share, according to the Journal.