DriveCam Video Systems, a vehicle safety systems manufacturer, announced Apr. 2 the release of HindSight 20/20, a Windows-based software program that gives commercial fleets the ability to manage DriveCam recordings and, according to the company, evaluate individual driving performance.

HindSight 20/20 is the management component of DriveCam's Driving Feedback System, which DriveCam says incorporates video technology to improve driving habits and reduce the frequency and severity of collisions.

"DriveCam now offers the first driving performance evaluation system that incorporates actual driving experiences," said Ed Andrew, president of DriveCam. "From the vehicle, the DriveCam recorder captures what the driver sees and hears in real driving situations. HindSight 20/20 provides the management tools to build a database of recordings and analyze the driving performance of each driver. By automating this performance review process, it is especially useful for larger fleets." According to DriveCam, thousands of commercial vehicles, including utility fleets, passenger transportation, and service/delivery vans, are currently using DriveCam Video System's products to improve safety and reduce operating costs. The company claims the Driving Feedback System has been proven to reduce the frequency and severity of collisions by 30 percent to 50 percent and is endorsed by the insurance industry. "HindSight 20/20 makes it easy to manage DriveCam recordings from my laptop computer," said Tim Gotto, safety supervisor for Time Warner in San Diego, who has been beta testing the new software. "It automatically files driving incidents under each driver and vehicle. When counseling drivers on improving driving safety, I use my laptop to review both positive and negative driving incidents with drivers and their supervisors." HindSight 20/20 features include:

  • Download and Email Transfer: The company says with HindSight 20/20, DriveCam video recordings are downloaded from the event recorder via a USB cable. Video recordings of driving events can be emailed as an attachment to corporate headquarters or an insurance agency. Events can also be emailed to DriveCam experts for further analysis.
  • Video Player and Event Assessment: HindSight 20/20's video player allows supervisors to view driving events and log them to specific drivers, zoom in for more details or view events frame by frame. They can also enter road conditions, weather and other observations, and assign severity levels to events.
  • Integrated Database and Reporting: Fleet managers can monitor and track the results of other driver training initiatives, review audit history and activity logs, maintain a driver and vehicle database, and automatically create individual counseling forms. In addition to HindSight 20/20, the complete Driving Feedback System includes a manager's guide, driver guide, videotape and DriveCam video event recorder. The DriveCam recorder measures G-forces caused by activities such as hard braking, acceleration, harsh cornering or collisions, which trigger it to save a driving event for later viewing. About DriveCam Video Systems

    DriveCam Video Systems develops vehicle safety products and services for commercial fleets. Based in San Diego, the company's DriveCam video event recorder is part of a complete Driving Feedback System used by fleets to promote safety and reduce collisions. According to the company, DriveCam is installed in thousands of vehicles and is endorsed by the insurance industry. Credits on insurance premiums are available for users of DriveCam. Additional information is available at