After extensive tests against a variety of domestic and foreign police laser guns by Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc.(SML) on February 16-17 in El Paso, Texas, K40 Electronics’ Laser DefuserPlus was awarded SML’s Performance Certification. According to K40 Electronics, this designation verifies the Laser DefuserPlus detects and deactivates the speed measurement ability of laser guns and gives drivers the time needed to react and safely reduce speed. SML, an independent speed analysis and testing firm, has been conducting speed analysis field tests for over 16 years. Its president, Carl Fors, is said to be a nationally recognized authority and published author on radar, laser, and speed enforcement technologies. "We are very pleased that the Laser DefuserPlus earned this performance designation," said Peggy Finley, president of K40 Electronics. "We were confident the Laser DefuserPlus would continue its tradition of what SML has called a "best bet" with superior protection against police laser guns in previous tests." How The Test Was Conducted

Most commonly, police use laser to target vehicles up to 1,000 feet from their location. SML’s field testing consisted of cones spaced on the test course at 500 and 1,000 feet. The Laser DefuserPlus equipped vehicle was driven at two speeds, 30 mph and 50 mph, towards the cones. Upon reaching the specified test distance and speed, a laser certified law enforcement officer with 29 years of speed detection experience would fire the laser gun. This procedure was repeated two times each against the six domestically utilized police laser guns, as well as a laser gun used overseas. The officer would then report to SML representatives the effectiveness of the Laser DefuserPlus against each gun at the various speeds and distances. According to the company, based upon its testing success, the Laser DefuserPlus was awarded SML’s Performance Certification. This enables K40 Electronics to place SML’s certification label on product packaging and promotional materials. "This standard will insure consumers the product performs as advertised," said Fors. Laser speed detector guns are being used by law enforcement agencies nationwide because of rapid speed measurement approaching the speed of light and single vehicle pinpoint targeting capabilities. "Laser has revolutionized doing selective and targeted enforcement," said Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. John Born. Furthermore, a recent Car and Driver article referred to laser guns as an "especially fearsome speed-enforcement tool" and due to its increasing usage, laser "represents a very serious threat." This threat is most likely due to the fact that at 500 feet, the diameter of the laser beam is only 18 inches and that it doesn’t scatter like a police radar signal. What this means to drivers is that if they are in a trailing vehicle, they get no advanced warning to laser targeting the vehicle ahead. K40 Electronics says its' Laser DefuserPlus is a first of its kind active system that fits inside an ordinary looking license plate frame – the preferred targeting point of police laser operators. The frame, made of ABS plastic, protects the microelectronics from the elements while providing stealth, OEM appearance. The Laser DefuserPlus is activated when the ignition switch is turned on and notifies the driver of any laser threats with both audio and visual warnings alerts. When a police laser beam hits a targeted vehicle, the Laser DefuserPlus sends out a return pulse signal at the same frequency as police laser. Because it does not interfere with radio waves or any FCC regulated devices and no laser diodes are used, the Laser DefuserPlus is completely harmless and legal. The K40 Laser DefuserPlus is backed by three guarantees that provide confidence in ownership and operation. First, if a motorist receives a laser ticket while the Laser DefuserPlus is operating, K40 will pay the cost of the fine. Secondly, if an owner isn’t completely satisfied with its performance, the Laser DefuserPlus can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full product credit. Lastly, the Laser DefuserPlus is covered by a one year parts repair/replacement warranty. As is the case with all products produced by K40 Electronics, the Laser DefuserPlus is available only through select authorized new car dealerships and specialty electronics stores. Cost for the product installed is approximately $299.95, but the price may vary slightly by installation. Established in 1977 and headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, K40 Electronics is a manufacturer and distributor of mobile electronics products including custom remote radar detector systems, portable radar detectors, laser protection and detection systems, CB radios, antennas, and fiberglass whips. Product information can be obtained by calling K40 at 800-323-6768 or by visiting their website at