DoxaSoft Technologies, Inc. has produced a wireless solution that, according to the company, is designed to enable vehicle inspectors to perform wireless inspections. FleetMasterPro is said to be compatible with any Windows environment, and allows companies to perform Safety, BIT and Maintenance Inspections. DoxaSoft Technologies claims that FleetMasterPro is beneficial to small and mid-sized fleet operators as well as major service companies with multiple locations. According to DoxaSoft, while researching this product, it was found that many small and medium-sized businesses were unable to automate because of hardware and software expenses. Even large businesses with expensive automation were still unable to do wireless reporting. In response, DoxaSoft Technologies offered FleetMasterPro. DoxaSoft says its FleetMasterPro, which requires minimal hardware investment, was developed in modular form to maximize cost-effectiveness. They further claim that it allows companies to save money by purchasing only the modules needed presently, but allows expanding of software capabilities as business needs grow. According to the company, FleetMasterPro starts with a Basic Vehicle Inspection Module that is simple enough to be used by maintenance personnel with minimal computer experience and sophisticated enough to satisfy an accountant's needs. The Optional Data Collection Module allows inspectors to perform vehicle inspections in the field utilizing a PalmOS handheld device. The Optional Fleet Management and Inventory Module is said to provide inspections and maintenance scheduling. An Optional Accounting Module provides reporting capability, including monthly and annual financial statements, and employee time tracking. In addition, an Optional Enterprise Solutions module offers two options for real-time or batched inspections to be performed at remote locations via a PalmOS handheld device, according to DoxaSoft. To request an evaluation copy of FleetMasterPro, contact DoxaSoft Technologies at 877-766-2001. A downloadable version is also available at