Cars are enjoying an undercurrent of renewed interest, pushing their share of new vehicle sales back up 1.5 percentage points from January to March, according to a USA Today story by James R. Healey and Earle Eldridge. Sedans, coupes and station wagons might not rebound enough to outsell pickups, sport utility vehicles and vans, as they once did. But cars might get buyers excited enough to dent automakers' heavy shift to truck production. Consumers could wind up getting discounts on premium-price SUVs suddenly glutting the market, while watching big discounts evaporate on cars. Trucks continue to outsell cars. The split the first quarter: 51.9 percent trucks, 48.1 percent cars. But the car share has notched up each month this year, from 47.4 percent of total sales in January to 48.9 percent in March, according to sales tracker Autodata.