According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2011 over 32,000 people died in motor vehicle traffic collisions in the United States. Of those fatalities, 3,331 were caused by accidents involving a distracted driver (

Effective workplace safety programs for employees must include driving safety awareness and training for non-commercial drivers. Driving safety is the responsibility of the driver, but organizations with an effective training regimen -- one that includes company safety rules and policies, recurring training programs, effective incident investigations, and proactive “ride-along” or “ride-behind” safety observations -- contribute to improved driver attentiveness and safe vehicle operation.

FACT: Drivers who use hand-held devices are 10 times more likely to get into accidents serious enough to injure themselves (Monash University).

Motor vehicle accidents cost employers billions of dollars annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, and lost productivity. Succeed Management Solutions has developed a new, comprehensive driving safety training course for non-commercial drivers. This course helps ensure employees practice good driving techniques while on the job, commuting, and during all other times of the day. It is critical for employers to include driving safety training as a proactive program to minimize the organization’s costs, keep employees safe, and save lives.

The Succeed Driving Safety training course includes sections on driving preparation, vehicle inspection, defensive driving, and safe driving practices. This all-new training course includes interactive materials such as a self-evaluation module, audio-visual demonstrations of safe driving techniques, and check-up quizzes to ensure the employee understands the material.

About Succeed Management Solutions LLC

Succeed is the recognized leader in providing web-based Enterprise Risk Management solutions. Thousands of organizations use the Succeed Risk Management Center as a holistic solution to improve their risk management programs, implement web-accessible employee safety training programs, increase efficiencies, and lower the frequency and severity of claims and associated costs.

The Succeed Risk Management Center contains a suite of software applications that help manage claims and OSHA reporting (Incident Track), behavior-based safety programs (BBS Track), hazard communication and Safety Data Sheets (SDS Track), Return to Work Programs (Job Description Track), employee training (Training Track), and third-party insurance compliance (COI Track). Succeed also offers support services, such as managing Certificates of Insurance, SDSs or creating custom trainings. More information on Succeed is available at the company website.

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