Cadillac, which until recently had embodied the essence of conservatism, embraces risk these days. Its latest endeavor, the Cadillac SRX, was introduced May 7. Of all things, it is a people hauler - sort of a minivan, sort of a station wagon - with room for seven that the company plans to start selling by the middle of next year, according to a New York Times story by Danny Hakim. The SRX is only the latest wrinkle on the luxury vehicle from Cadillac, a unit of General Motors. It follows the Escalade, the sport utility vehicle that has been a hit with athletes and rappers, and its foray into the pickup market, the Escalade EXT, which it started selling in November. A two-seat roadster, the XLR, which looks as if it was sliced from a Stealth bomber, is also expected out next year. Five years ago, Cadillac simply made sedans. Today, it is intent on repackaging its wreath and crest emblem on all manner of automobiles, but analysts ask whether its evolution into a full-line manufacturer will dilute or enhance the brand, according to the Times. Most analysts like the fact that Cadillac is starting to think about younger buyers, though they wonder what took so long, according to the Times. The bread and butter of Cadillac's past, the fancy boat-on-wheels, has been in decline for years, the Times said.