How important is safety to vehicle buyers? Based on a study of the features and factors that consumers feel are important when buying a new vehicle, the size of the monthly payment (87.4 percent of consumers) was considered more important than overall safety (45.1 percent), according to a Chicago Tribute story by Jim Mateja. Conveniently placed cupholders (64.2 percent), luggage capacity (56.5 percent), sound systems (55.1 percent), and interior appearance (48.3 percent) also ranked higher than safety. Safety is rated only slightly ahead of tilt steering wheel (40.8 percent) and interior comfort (41.2 percent). The Attributes Considered Important survey was conducted by CNW Marketing/Research, the Bandon, Ore.-based company that studies the reasons people buy the vehicles they do. The survey compared items deemed important in the buying decision among consumers purchasing vehicles in 2001 vs. 2000.