RadioTrac, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CyTerra Corporation with offices in Waltham, MA and Orlando, FL, announced May 13 it will sell its GPS-based tracking and emergency location systems to RELM Wireless Corporation of Melbourne, FL. RELM, a manufacturer, developer and distributor of wireless mobile and handheld two- way radios, says it is marketing the RadioTrac system under the EarthLoc brand name and using it initially with its BK Radio line.

According to RadioTrac, their palm-sized tracking device, which plugs directly into any hand-held radio, uses global positioning technology to provide dispatchers with pinpoint locations of their personnel and allows the radio user to signal for help during an emergency situation. All RadioTrac systems integrate GPS technology and come complete with a base station, a miniature GPS module with patented encoding/decoding techniques and mapping software.

"Beyond being a great business opportunity, this is also a tremendous compliment to the sophistication of the RadioTrac technology," said RadioTrac President Lou Marcarelli. "Whenever a company like RELM Wireless steps up to endorse your product in this manner, it means you've developed something unique that satisfies a definite need in the marketplace. With this agreement, RELM Wireless is adding to its strength with a critically important and unique safety device."

David Storey, RELM's president & chief executive officer commented, "Vehicle location devices have been available for some time, but until now, due to cost and size issues, individual location has not been an effective business concept. RadioTrac's real-time tracking and emergency notification give incident managers a critical measure of safety as well as more control over their assets. The compact size and ease of operation make the RadioTrac system a valuable and cost-effective tool for any two-way users with applications requiring location and tracking capabilities."

Designed to be worn by public safety personnel, forestry rangers, or any group performing field operations, RadioTrac says the system provides users with a range of applications, including bike, mounted, foot or motor patrols. RadioTrac's advanced 12-channel GPS with patch antenna and receiver is housed with a high- speed modem and microcomputer in a lightweight, 2" x 2 1/2" x 1" case. The base monitor can be stationary or completely portable, connected to a laptop computer and its own self-contained battery pack.

CyTerra Corporation is a privately held, employee-owned company founded in July 2000 to focus on the development and production of security technology solutions.