There now are 30 Nissan NV2500s being used for ambulances by the Mexican Red Cross. The vehicle was a perfect choice, said the organization, because it can stand up to being driven for many miles on sometimes unstable terrain.

The Nissan NV2500 ambulance was first used by the Mexican Red Cross in April 2012 in a pilot test. After proving its versatility and functionality, the Mexican Red Cross decided to integrate Nissan as a partner for its ambulance fleet this year.

Nissan Mexicana's President and General Director José Valls said the NV2500 won out over other more expensive vehicles. "Now the Red Cross in Mexico has taken the NV2500 as the flagship of the new ambulance," he noted.

The Mexican Red Cross receives over 1.2 million ambulance service requests per year, so the NV2500 will have many opportunities to show its capabilities in terms of reliability and versatility, according to the organization.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet