In this video, safety specialist Robert Sinclair from AAA demonstrates how to change a tire. Most likely, some of your drivers haven’t done this in years, so you may want to forward this along to your drivers as a reminder.

Here’s a list of all the steps, compiled by General Motors, you can also pass along to your drivers. 

• Put your vehicle in park if it is an automatic transmission. Put it in first gear if it's a manual transmission. Put the emergency brake on.

• Place wedges, blocks or rocks behind the wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling.

• Take out your jack, spare tire and lug wrench.

• Pry off the hubcap.

• Loosen the nuts with the lug wrench. DO NOT remove them.

• Put the jack under the car frame close to the flat tire in a place that has enough strength to support the vehicle's weight.

• Pump the jack until the tire is off the ground. Once the car is elevated, never open vehicle doors, start the car or get under the car.

• Remove the nuts.

• Pull the tire off and replace it with the spare.

• Put the nuts back on but don't tighten them all the way until the car is back on the ground.

• Lower the vehicle with the jack.

• Remove the jack from under the vehicle, tighten the nuts and unblock the wheels.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet