Rostra Precision Controls Inc. announced May 20 its plan to offer a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty on its RearSentry Obstacle Sensing System. "Our new warranty is the most comprehensive in the business," said Thomas Weiss, vice president, Automotive Accessories Group, Rostra Precision Controls Inc. "It’s designed to help fleet owners improve their safety records while reducing their exposure to repair bills, legal expenses and rising insurance premiums." Rostra says the RearSentry system is made for straight truck Class 2 to 7 fleet applications, local delivery and medium-sized trucks, utility vehicles, cargo vans, municipal fleets, private equipment, and other vehicles with reduced rear visibility or equipment which extends from the rear(generator decks, buckets, booms). According to the company, the RearSentry detects objects that mirrors cannot see. It mounts out of sight behind or on the vehicle’s rear bumper, and alerts drivers to obstacles up to 12 feet from the rear of the vehicle. It works at night, and in even the poorest weather conditions like fog, rain or snow. Rostra claims this helps to protect fleet employees and other personnel, and also reduces damage to the vehicle from backing into objects that are not in the driver’s line of vision. "Our RearSentry kit is the perfect ‘insurance policy’ for companies seeking to lower their operating costs by reducing the possibility of an accident," Weiss added. "It’s particularly useful in vehicles which have no back window or where it is difficult to see out the rear windows. The system will pay for itself if it prevents even one accident." Rostra’s RearSentry system uses a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity as the object draws closer, and from an in-cab LED read-out display with green, yellow and red lights. Rostra Precision Controls Inc., headquartered in Laurinburg, North Carolina, is a supplier of vehicle speed control systems, transmission components and vehicle comfort seating systems to the global automotive aftermarket industry. The company also is a manufacturer of electronic controls, systems and components for the original equipment automotive industry. It holds ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certifications. For more information or to find a dealer for the RearSentry or other Rostra products, please call 800-782-3379, or visit the website at