Hyundai Autonet has announced that it has selected Motorola as its partner for digital entertainment and Bluetooth hands-free solutions. According to the companies, the combination of Motorola's and Hyundai Autonet's strengths is expected to lead to a cost-effective integration of Bluetooth hands-free solutions, making these features affordable in nearly every car. As a supplier of automotive electronics, Hyundai Autonet claims to have the knowledge and flexibility to integrate infotainment with these hands-free solutions. Motorola claims to also bring the knowledge and capabilities of an automotive semiconductor supplier. Combining audio processing architecture, specialized peripherals, software technologies and development tools, Motorola has developed the Symphony family of audio devices. According to Motorola, these digital audio and related next-generation solutions can be expected to set a new standard for vehicle digital entertainment applications. Based on results measured in early prototype development, the company says consumers can anticipate a significant improvement compared to existing solutions. According to the companies, during the past year, they have worked together on four technical projects. Motorola provided support for the development of entertainment products and Bluetooth automotive wireless applications, as well as Driver Information Systems. Plans are underway for cooperation in other leading technologies, according to Motorola. "Motorola is the world's number one supplier of semiconductors for automotive applications. By harnessing its legacy in RF technologies and market-leading cellular and Bluetooth expertise into automotive embedded solutions, Motorola has made itself the partner of choice for creating intelligent automobiles for today and tomorrow," said J. J. Yoon, president of Hyundai Autonet. Motorola and Hyundai Autonet claim that their teams are collaborating to demonstrate the technology as early as the fourth quarter of 2002, with pilot production in 2003 and full production by 2004. "To satisfy the relentless demand of today's drivers for smart wireless communications and seamless infotainment, you need core competencies as well as smart ideas," said Scott Anderson, general manager of Motorola's Transportation and Standard Products Group. "At Motorola, not only do we have exceptional RF technologies, leading edge Bluetooth Audio Signal Processors (BTASP), and best-in-class audio quality, but we also believe a vehicle doesn't start with a key, but with a dream. That's why we are very pleased to expand our successful relationship with Hyundai Autonet, a company of such stature that shares our long-term visions." About Motorola and Bluetooth Motorola is one of the nine companies participating as Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) promoters and has announced over 25 Bluetooth products to date. In performance comparisons, Motorola's Bluetooth solution has demonstrated a superior user experience through a design that provides up to four times the range, plus capacity for twice as many ad hoc networks, along with operating sensitivity to noise sources fifty percent better than that required by Bluetooth standards, according to Motorola. For more information, visit About Hyundai Autonet Hyundai Autonet says they are creating a "multimedia world inside the car" as a Korean leading automotive electronics supplier including multimedia, network and other electronics parts. By investing core R&D areas like Digital Sound System, Car AV / Navigation, Telematics, Voice Recognition Technology, Network Solution and Safety & Power Train Electronics, Hyundai Autonet claims to be developing an "Infotainment" system enabling drivers to enjoy information and entertainment at the same time inside the car. Hyundai Autonet is developing and manufacturing OEM products for car manufacturers in Korea including Hyundai and Kia Motors. For more information visit