New Jersey auto insurance group Plymouth Rock Assurance has released a new distracted driving study. According to the study, approximately 50% of polled passengers have asked a driver to stop texting while the car was in motion, and nearly a third have attempted to alert the driver of another vehicle to stop texting.

"Our research shows that 88% of local drivers polled have witnessed other drivers using a mobile device while operating a moving vehicle," says Gerry Wilson, president and CEO of Plymouth Rock Management Co.

Other findings from the “Plymouth Rock Assurance Distracted Driver Survey” include:

  • Nearly three in 10 surveyors had read or sent a text message (28%) and programmed a GPS (27%) while driving.
  • Of those who read or sent a text message over the past six months, 20% admitted to doing so daily, while 39% admitted to at least weekly occurrences. 
  • 20% of respondents personally know someone who has been in an accident that involved the use of a mobile device. 
  • 15% have been involved in a near accident, either as a passenger or driver in a moving vehicle involving a mobile device.

As part of an initiative to make the state's roads a safer place, Plymouth Rock is using virtual driving simulators to demonstrate the serious consequences distracted drivers face every day.

"Distracted driving is a widespread problem," says Wilson. "Our effort to stop distracted driving is one of the many ways we work to help N.J. drivers get home safe."